Fancy a burger? Then this is the class for you!

with Nacho Bravo

Three delicious burger recipes to try at home.

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Argentinian chef, Nacho Bravo will teach you how to prepare three variations of mouth-watering burgers: Classic, Smash and Onion Smash. But our burgers wouldn’t be perfect if it wasn’t for the sauce.

Alongside learning three exciting new burger recipes, Nacho Bravo is going to show you how to top each of those burgers with the perfectly balanced accompanying sauce. While branching out into different areas of gastronomy and travelling the world, Nacho has picked up a few tips and tricks that will make your burgers the standout meal at every social event.


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All you need to learn how to make the perfect burger is:

3 hamburger buns (better if they are potato)




2 onions


ground chilli



300 grams of ground chuck (beef)

300 grams of ground brisket (beef)




6 cheddar cheese slices

2 metal spatulas (the typical ones for hamburgers)



mini primer



3 bowls

3 spoons

1 knife


All of our experiences are hosted online and are globally accessible. Sessions require a stable internet connection, as well as a webcam/microphone to interact with the host and other participants.


date 21/Apr/21
time 18:00 CEST
language EN & ES
cost $20
duration 45
participants 20
type Single Show
date 28/Apr/21
time 18:00 CEST
language EN & ES
cost $20
duration 45
participants 20
type Single Show

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Explore the delicious flavours of Argentinian cuisine.